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About Missing Tradition

We are Missing Tradition.  We love traditional acoustic music (and more) presented with a new slant. We are hard to categorize. Mix up some Bluegrass with a bit of Country, Folk, Gospel, a touch of Old-Time and a little bit of original music mixed in, a few fiddle tunes, a dash of Swing, a splash of Blues and a pinch of Country, and that describes what you might hear from us at any given time.

Our instrumentation ranges from flat-picked guitar, fiddle, a couple of mandolins, resonator guitar, banjo, bass, dulcimer, and not one, not two, but three harmonica players! We’ve got four singers and love to make beautiful harmonies.

No genre boxes for us. If we like it, we play it. You’ll be entertained, we promise.

Missing Tradition Band

  • Diana Ost
  • Daniel Ost
  • Thom McNeil
  • Terry Carter
  • Lenny Nichols

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